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Nature of Errands Price Guide Important Notes
Standard errands
(e.g. from point A to B)
Ksh. 1,000
minimum charge
Total cost dependent on travel distance and waiting times
Errands involving queuing and waiting, e.g. for Visas and Servicemen Ksh.1,800
per hour
Total cost dependent on total number of hours spent
Grocery shopping Ksh.2,000
minimum charge
Total cost dependent on quantity of items bought and waiting time
Special errands e.g. requiring travel beyond Kisumu, up to Nairobi, Mombasa, North Eastern within Kenya and across Africa and beyond. Contact us directly by telephone on 0721 638 368/0736 638 368/0756 638 368 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Total cost dependent on specific details, facilitation time and nature of errand.

Errand Pricing (It's simple:)

1.) Get instant no-obligation quote   

2.) Book errand & pay  

3.) Errand Runners facilitates

4.) Casual services are charged at an hourly rate.

5.) Monthly, annual and project rates available on request.

6.) There is no charge for your initial consultation. It is obligation free and confidential.

Errands Runners takes full responsibility for the completion of ALL paid-for errands. No hidden charges. VAT = 0%

Please note: Congestion charges, tolls and other incidental costs are payable by the client

Areas of Coverage

WE COVER ALL OF KENYA. Our offices are located in Kisumu - Kenya; the Central City and Business hub for East Africa Region.

Our Errand Service Guarantee: We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our services. In the unlikely event that dissatisfaction is caused as a result of Errand Runners not having adhered fully to instructions, the full errand cost is immediately refunded.

Your own messenger whenever needed
Easy 24hr/7days a week
No obligation quotes
No joining fees
Excellent value for money
Same-day turnaround

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Corporate Errands

Our corporate errand service fits seamlessly into all work environments, with the least interference to normal work routines


Special Errands

Whenever you need support for a period of time or for a project, we will work around your needs, schedule and budget to save you time and ease stress.


Personal Errands

No errand is trivial or too weighty – we bring the same attention to detail and complete discretion to running every errand, regardless of its scale.


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